7 ways my online workout program will change your life

#Bodygoals aren’t just for your instagram feed. They’re meant to be achieved. I can help you get there. My online workout program MOVE is designed to burn fat, tone your muscles and build your body confidence.  I have tested and evolved this program over years of training clients and transforming my own body. I’m confident that it will work for you too.

With four guides and loads of support, MOVE helps to align your fitness levels, nutrition intake and mindset for overall better health. Reaching your goals has never been easier than it is with this program.

Don’t believe me? Here are 7 reasons to change your mind.

7 reasons MOVE with Janine is the online workout program for you

1. It’s time efficient

I’m all about fitting workouts into busy schedules to wipe out your excuses before you even make them. MOVE combines quick HIIT style workouts with steady state cardio that keeps your routine varied, and your body guessing. With only 15-30 minutes of training per day you can fit in a online workout before work, on your lunch break or after dinner.

2. It’s effective

I designed MOVE with a woman’s body in mind. My goal is to help you shape the feminine physique you’ve always wanted. I’m confident this at home online workout program will give you the look you’re after. I’ve successfully watched these moves shape my own body, as well as many of my clients.

The workouts are tough, but efficient, and they can work for both beginners and experts alike. To make the program more personal to your goals, I’ve provided multiple suggestions throughout the guides to help you increase the intensity of certain moves, or make them easier for any of you ladies just starting out.

7 reasons my online workout program will change your life

3. It comes from years of experience

I have spent a lot of time training clients to reach their goals, as well as working to achieve my own, so it’s safe to say that I’ve learned a lot. With MOVE I took my years of experience and all the information I’ve learned to build an online workout program that I’m confident in.

The workouts are hard-hitting, helping you burn fat long after you’re done working out (sometimes up to 36 hours after!). Many of my clients have used these same workouts to reach their fitness goals with great success.

4. It’s flexible

MOVE is an online workout program, so that means that you access every part of the program online. Because of this, MOVE is flexible enough to do anywhere in the world. You can take it with you on a weekend away, or  you can simply just do it from the comfort of your home.

The workouts require only minimal equipment to complete, and I’ve included guided instructions for each move to help you maintain proper form and reach your best results.  I’ve also detailed ways to ease things up, or make them harder so you can adjust the workouts to your level of fitness.

5. You’ll learn about nutrition

There are too many diets out there that it’s impossible to navigate what is helpful verses harmful. That’s why MOVE doesn’t subscribe to a “diet”. Instead I’ve designed a nutrition guide to teach you what healthy food actually looks like. I’ll explain to you why you should eat certain things, and why you should avoid certain things. I will never encourage you restrict how much you eat, or make you feel deprived.

I’ll also give you lots of recipes to keep healthy eating simple and tasty. Goodbye food rut.

7 reasons my online workout program will change your life

6. You’ll learn how to stay motivated

Motivation is key for smashing out your goals. But staying motivated is easier said than done.  I’ll walk you through how to set goals, what tools you need to succeed and how to track your progress to keep your motivation high and your progress fast.

I’ve also dedicated an entire guide to mindfulness to help build your body confidence, and keep you focused from the inside out. I believe your mind should motivate and support you. Together we will transform the way you think, feel and move.

7. You’ll join a supportive community

When you’re doing my online workout program, I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re in it alone. MOVE is all about bringing women together that share a common goal – to get healthier. My team and I will be here to support you every step of the way. You’ll be invited to join our community Facebook page, and if you have questions, we’ll always do our best to answer them. I am here to help you succeed in your journey and achieve your goals.

Love your #innerbabe

MOVE works from every possible angle to help you crush your body goals. It helps to tighten up your nutrition game. It contains workouts to blast fat and build muscle. And it feeds your mind with the confidence and motivation it needs to be successful.

Want more info? Head on over to my Facebook page and join our community of inner babes. We’d love to have you!

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