Sweaty at home bikini body workout plan

Getting bikini body ready doesn’t have to mean sacrificing hours at the gym each week. This quick high intensity bikini body workout plan targets all the typical trouble spots you might be worrying about but it only takes about 35 minutes to complete.

Reaching your fitness goals isn’t about how long you workout for. It’s about consistency, hard work and variety in your workout routine. If you want progress,  increase your intensity, add reps or weight, and change up the exercises in your workout instead of the time on the clock.


Try this bikini body workout plan at home or at the gym. It’s only 8 movements, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells to get it done.

Bikini body workout plan – 8 at home moves

Do one minute of each exercise. Do four rounds.

1. Jumping jack shoulder press

  1. Start with your feet together and a dumbbell in each hand. Your elbows should be bent at 90 degrees with your triceps parallel to the floor.
  2. Jump your feet apart while simultaneously pressing your dumbbells straight up towards the ceiling.
  3. Jump your feet back together, lowering the dumbbells to starting position.
  4. Repeat the movement without pausing.

2. Walking lunges

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Take a big step forward with your right foot bending your knee at 90 degrees in front of you.
  3. Lower your body until your left knee almost touches the ground behind you.
  4. Pushing through your heels, step your left foot forward returning to standing position with your feet hip width apart.
  5. Alternate movements between each leg.

3. Burpee push ups

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet hip width part.
  2. Squat down placing your hands flat on the floor in front of you.
  3. Jump your legs straight out behind you to reach a plank position keeping your back straight and your arms fully extended.
  4. Do a pushup, getting as low to the ground as you can.
  5. Jump your feet forward, behind your hands and back to a squatting position.
  6. Then, jump up to standing reaching your hands overhead.

4. Squat and curl

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your dumbbells by your side.
  2. Lower your hips pushing your butt back and bending your knees until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Make sure your knees don’t extend past your toes.
  3. Pushing up through your heels, and engaging your butt come back up to a standing position.
  4. As you straighten your legs, curl the dumbbells up keeping your elbows close to your body.
  5. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the sides of your body.

5. Bent over row

  1. With a dumbbell in each hand start by standing with your feet hip width apart, bending at the waist and keeping a straight back.
  2. Slightly bending your knees, holding your dumbbells down to your sides with elbows straight, palms facing together.
  3. Lift the dumbbells up towards your torso keeping your elbows up and close to your body. Squeeze your shoulder blades at the top.
  4. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to starting position.

6. Dips

  1. Using a bench or a couch sit close to the edge and place your hands palms-down on either side of your hips.
  2. With your knees bent at 90 degrees, slide your butt off the bench using your arms to support your upper body.
  3. Bending your elbows lower your body until your arms are parallel with the floor.
  4. Push through the palms of your hands to straighten your elbows and back into the starting position.

7. In and out squat jumps

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet together.
  2. Bending your knees into a squat position lower yourself as if you were sitting until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Be sure to keep your knees behind your toes and keep your back straight.
  3. Pushing through your heels, jump straight up spreading your feet apart,  landing in a wide stance. Your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart.
  4. Bend your knees into a squatting position again, and jump back up bringing your feet back together on landing.
  5. Continue alternating squatting and jumping your legs apart and back together without pause.

8. Oblique plank dips

Do 30 seconds on each side.

  1. Start in a side plank with legs out straight and your feet stacked together.
  2. Dip your hips down towards the floor and press back up.
  3. Repeat the motion for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Love your #innerbabe

This bikini body workout plan is a sweaty one, so make sure you drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. I personally love drinking coconut water after a workout to help replenish my electrolytes that are lost from sweating.

If you need help pushing through the full workout, turn up some music to help you find your rhythm and stay motivated. Upbeat tracks can really help you push through at a higher intensity making your short workout a killer for fat burning long after it’s through.

How do you stay motivated through the toughest parts of your workout? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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