6 ways to stay motivated during an at home workout plan

An at home workout plan can help you lose weight, gain strength and even boost your confidence. You heard me right, fitness is not just about shaping your perfect bikini body, it’s about making you feel good on the inside too.

Making the shift to a healthier lifestyle, regardless of what brought you here, is definitely not easy. Trust me ladies, I get it, I have days where I wake up and I don’t really feel like working out either. The truth is motivation comes and goes, so fine tuning what helps to boost it back up when you’re feeling low is essential to hitting your goals.

So to keep you on track, here are my top motivational tips to keep you fit, healthy and body confident.

How to stay motivated during an at home workout plan

1. Set goals

Goals are the number one tool I used to motivate myself to work out on a regular basis. I set both longterm goals and short term goals to keep me pushing in the right direction. When you’re starting out on an at home workout plan goals can serve as the reminder why you started in the first place. So when those moments come where you want to quit or skip a day (and those moments will come!) you can work through them and keep making progress.

When you set your goals, the most important thing to remember  is that you make them realistic. Setting unachievable goals won’t help you. You’ll give up trying to reach the impossible and probably just end up feeling down on yourself. Instead set yourself up for success and make those goals realistic and achievable in the timeframe you’ve set out with the effort you’re putting in. That might mean making a bunch of small goals. For example, maybe you’re goal is to do one full push up instead of five. That’s totally okay. Seriously, we all start somewhere, and if one push up is what you’re aiming for, you’ll feel great when you kill it. And trust me, you will.

2. Get into a routine

An at home workout plan can work for any schedule and any budget. If you don’t have time to commute to the gym, no problem, get your exercise in at home instead. You can workout early in the morning, late at night, or in the middle of the day, it really doesn’t matter. The amazing thing about home workout plans is that they provide enough structure to help you build a healthy workout routine, while maintaining the flexibility to make it fit in your busy life day-to-day routine. It’s literally the best of both worlds.

3. Track your progress

Tracking your progress helps you to measure your success along the way to hitting your body goals. So before you start your at home workout plan take your measurements, snap a before picture and pay attention to how you feel day to day plus how your clothes fit.

Throughout the fitness program, I want you to redo all of the above every month or two. Even if you don’t see a lot of change at first, or some months are better than others, at the end of it you’ll be able to look back at your fitness journey and see the incredible progress you’ve made. You’re clothes will fit better, your confidence will shoot through the roof, and I’ll bet you have a lot more energy day in and day out too.

4. Get a workout buddy

Working out at home has a ton of perks, but the downside is it can be a bit quiet. But that’s no problem, just invite a friend over! Having your girl friend over to sweat it out with you in the living room will not only boost the fun, but it’ll give you an extra bit of support and motivation when you’re feeling like you want to quit. You both can even engage in some healthy competition if you want to to take it to the next level. The only thing better than thriving on your fitness journey and conquering your goals, is doing it alongside people you love. So grab a friend make it a fitness date. You can even catch up over smoothies when you’re done. Win-win.

5. Switch things up

One of the benefits of doing an at home workout plan over something like a bootcamp is that you can keep things flexible. Sure a plan may provide a structured set of exercises for each day, but if you’re really feeling like something else one day, you can easily switch it up. Maybe one day you want to head to a yoga class, go for a long run on the beach, or just head out on a hike with some friends, you can do all of that. As long as you’re getting some movement into your day there is nothing to feel guilty about. You can just come back to your at home workout plan tomorrow, and pick up where you left off.

6. Make it fun

Working out at home has this really great casual vibe to it that allows you to feel comfortable to wear whatever you want and do whatever you want. You can make silly faces while you workout, give yourself a pep-talk, or listen to the worst of the 90’s without any judgement. It’s a pretty beautiful thing. Not only is it more comfortable though, it’s way more fun, and we all know that if you’re having fun, you’re more likely to enjoy the workout and stick with it.

Love your #innerbabe

If you get a bit bored of working out at home, change up your scenery. Take your workout plans to the park instead, or bring your routine with you while you travel. New places can help to reenergize your sense of motivation and keep you pushing forward.

If you struggle to stay motivated, engage with a supportive network of friends, or stop by our inner babe community. A group of likeminded ladies can help support you when you’re just not feeling it and encourage you to push through any slumps.

How do you stay motivated to workout at home? Tell us in the comments below.





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