7 reasons to do a home workout plan with a friend

Girl friends are good for a lot of things, like DIY spa nights, weekend adventures, or finishing that bottle of wine in your fridge. They’re even good at keeping you motivated through the toughest workouts. So whether your a gym babe, or you’re killin’ it with a home workout plan, you need to start inviting your friends to join in.

Here are seven reasons why your fitness routine needs a friend.

7 reasons to invite a friend for a home workout plan

1. Be held accountable

For those days that you would rather sit on your butt, than work it, your fitness buddy can hold you accountable. Cancelling a workout won’t be so easy when you’re just feeling lazy. Sure, it might be a bit annoying at first, but once the endorphins kick in, you’ll be glad she pushed you.

2. Stay motivated

Supportive friends are next level motivation. They can make the toughest of workouts and the hardest of burns still seem at least a little bit fun. Besides strength in numbers, if you’re both doing it together, you’re less likely to call it quits.

3. Engage in a little healthy competition

If your fitness buddy gives you a run for your money, you might just find yourself pushing a little bit harder. All that extra effort will go a long way in helping you crush your body goals sooner. You can even take the competitive fun up a notch by timing your exercises or competing to complete the most reps.

4. Have more fun

Working out with a friend is a lot more fun than working out alone. Take your home workout plan, turn up some music, and sweat it out together. The time will fly by, and there’s a high probability that laughter will be involved. But hey, that’s cool, laughter is good your abs!

5. Workout safely

Injuries can happen whether you’re working out in a gym or doing a home workout plan. Inviting a friend over to join helps to keep things a little safer. They can spot you if you ever need it, or just point out issues with your form when they notice it.

6. Recover together

If you’re sweating together, you can recover together. Head to the kitchen and whip up some healthy post-workout fuel, like a protein shake or a delicious smoothie bowl. There’s no reason your socializing has to stop as soon as you workout. In fact, you can even use breakfast chats as your motivation to stay consistent.

7. Build healthier habits

The people you hang out with are often a reflection of you. So chances are if your friends are into health and fitness, you will be too. Hanging out with like-minded people can help to reinforce positive healthy habits that you’re aiming for. Of course the flip-side is true too, so make sure your friendships are supportive of your goals.

Love your #innerbabe

Our inner babe community is all about cheerleading your success so you can reach your goals and feel confident in your own skin. Making your workouts fun and doing them in a supportive environment is the best way to keep at it.

Inviting your friend to join in on your home workout plan not only increases your likelihood of succeeding, but you’re also more likely to look forward to working out. Besides, friends that sweat together stay together right?

Do you enjoy working out with a friend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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