4 results to expect from my home exercise program

My home exercise program is all about helping you reach your body goals and making you feel confident and healthy. The results you get are a product of your commitment, and everyone’s will be a bit different. If you work hard, stay consistent and really commit to your goal to get fit and healthy you can expect to start seeing results in as little as four weeks. The more you stick with it, you’ll watch your body continue to change even further.

If you’re not seeing the results you want to see, you need to get honest with yourself. Did you stick to your workout routine, or did you skip days or cut your workout short? Did you follow the meal plan guidelines, or overindulge on a box of cookies?

With effort your results could include weight loss and toning or new muscle development. You might even notice things like improved energy, a more positive mood, better sleep and improved focus. Working out is about so much more than just your physical body, and if you try my home exercise program, I know that you’ll feel it for yourself.

The results my home exercise program delivers

1. Shape and tone your muscles

My home exercise program is a combination of cardio, strength and HIIT training. This trifecta of workout styles ensures you hit every muscle group to help shape and tone your body. Not only will this help you achieve the body of your dreams, it will help you build your strength. You’ll also learn how to eat to fuel your muscles before and after a workout to support your bodies progress and improve your rest periods.

2. Burn body fat

Burning body fat isn’t just about losing weight. In reality, you could burn body fat but gain muscle and not lose much overall weight. Reducing your body fat is about leaning out. It improves the composition of fat to muscle that makes up your body mass. Lower body fat percentages are healthier for your heart and reduce the risk of diabetes.

HIIT workouts in particular are amazing for fat burning. They get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and can burn fat for hours after you’ve finished your workout. My home exercise program and healthy eating guide will also effectively help to boost your metabolism, and allow you to meal plan your way to success without ever feeling deprived.

3. Increase energy levels

If you’re someone who’s totally reliant on caffeine or never feel like you get enough sleep, getting into a new workout routine might be the answer. That’s because exercise has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase focus and concentration. So once you start working out regularly, you won’t feel so tired.

Improving your eating habits can also help increase your energy.  By following my healthy meal plan, you will learn how to clean up your eating habits, ditch the junk and make healthy whole foods that taste great. Eating less processed foods will support your digestive system, prevent you from feeling so sluggish after a meal, and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to be alert and energized. Regular exercise can also improve the quality of sleep, so you might even wake up feeling more rested!

4. Improve body confidence

Exercising can certainly make you feel more confident but not for the reasons you might think.  So drop the idea that you’ll love yourself more if you lose a few pounds. My home exercise program will make you feel strong and healthy. You’ll have fun, it will spark your energy and you’ll feel great after you’re done each workout. You’ll also hit new goals, accomplish things you never thought your body was capable of it, and learn how truly awesome you are. Taking care of your body will make you feel good in your own skin and help you to learn to love yourself.

Love you #innerbabe

As you make your way through my home exercise program, remember to track your success by taking measurements, before and after pictures, feeling how your clothes fit and setting small goals.

Goals not only help you track what you’ve achieved, but they also help to motivate you to reach your bigger goals in the future. If you need more motivation surround yourself with supportive friends and family, and take part in our inner babe community online.

What are your fitness goals? Share them with us in the comments below.

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